Finding Peace Beyond Addiction



If you're experiencing the pain of disconnection from a loved one struggling with substance use, know that you are not alone. The anguish of feeling lost, unable to express your love, and being unsure of how to help can be overwhelming. But there is hope, and there is a path to peace.

The key to lasting change lies in addressing the underlying fears that keep you stuck in a state of fear and confusion. By empowering your love with greater understanding, you can move forward confidently and influence positive change. It's about learning to navigate uncertainty with intention and strength, and finding peace in the process.

Through evidence-based coaching methods and practices, I offer a holistic approach to help you on this journey. The Work of Byron Katie, in particular, can transform fear into love and guide you towards your own wisdom. We'll explore your beliefs and thoughts, questioning them to gain clarity and inspiration for new ways of engaging with the world and its challenges.

My coaching includes a blend of various evidence-based tools such as CRAFT, The Invitation to Change, Motivational Interviewing, CBT, and MBSR. Together, we'll tailor these methods to suit your specific needs, making sure they resonate with you. When fear is relieved and confusion replaced with clarity, you'll be better equipped to use these tools effectively.

Peace is the foundation we seek, and from this place of clarity, you can make a significant difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones. Navigating through the challenges of substance use requires internal transformation, creating the structures and supports to face the difficulties head-on. You are a part of the solution, and love will guide you through.

If you're interested in finding peace and empowering your love, I invite you to reach out and start on the path towards healing. As you gain clarity, compassion, and confidence, you'll be better prepared to support your child through addiction and foster positive change in your life and the world.

Don't hesitate to contact me today; together, we'll empower your love and inspire recovery.