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Hello, I'm Joanne, and I understand firsthand the struggles and challenges of being a parent to an adult child battling substance use. My own journey through these trials has been both demanding and enlightening, shaping my mission to guide and support fellow parents on their path to peace and love.

I invite you to join this transformative journey with me. Let's redefine our stories, heal, and inspire the change we need. Together, we can navigate the complexities of loving a child through addiction and find the peace and love we all deserve.

Thank you for being here. Let's walk this path together, supporting one another, and discovering the boundless strength that love can offer.

With love and hope,


Hi from Joanne

Though we each have our own unique stories, we understand that each of us probably experiences similar struggles.  Loving a child through an addiction is hard.  As a mother who has walked this challenging path for over 15 years, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Certified Recovery Coach with Certifications in Grief Education and The Invitation to Change, I've earned tons of experience and a broad view, personally and professionally.  I understand the pain, fear, and uncertainty that often accompany this journey.

My desire is to help fellow parents navigate this tumultuous journey, for them to find peace, and contribute to life and love beyond addiction. Through a supportive community, tailored courses, and a wealth of resources, we'll empower our love, transform fear into deeper understanding and therefore peace, and build a path of healing so that we can love with skill creating connection, improved communication, and contributing to better possibilities.

Let's re-define and re-write our stories as we inspire the change needed to support our children and ourselves.

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