Hi! I'm Joanne.

I understand firsthand the challenges of being a parent of a child who struggles with substance use and mental health concerns. We've experienced many crises, health and safety scares, the emotional roller coaster, and the overwhelming grief of it all.  I wish you didn't understand any of it as it would mean you don't face these particular circumstances. But if you do, you are a hero and I admire your perseverance and courage!   I join you in choosing love over fear and trying to stay connected to your child, sharing your love.

My own journey has been both demanding and enlightening, exhausting and inspiring, shaping a purpose to invite and join with fellow parents to create a solid path to peace and love, and learning necessary skills, even though it includes fear, worry, guilt, anger, confusion, grief and so much that can take us away from loving our child through their addiction, or showing up exactly as we want.  Sometimes we may miss the mark and, more importantly, it's to know how to get back on the path for more peaceful connection and communication.

I invite you to join me as we transform fear and worry to peace, as we grieve, and come into our highest purpose: to love, to release conditions for our child to change as best we can, when we can, and learn the skills to do that.  We can redefine our stories, heal, and inspire the change we need. I'm not going to sugar coat it, healing and transformation is a personal choice, it starts with you, and will continue with you. You're worth it!  Your child is worth it, and needs it from you. 

Change happens from there. Together, we can navigate the complexities of loving a child through their addiction, and find the peace and love we all deserve and learn essential skills to sustain it. You are allowed to have that despite what addiction can do, and I hope you give yourself permission for it, I hope you choose it!

Thank you for being here. Let's walk this path together, supporting one another, and discovering the love within and around us, the immoveable, the unshakeable power of it, the love that transcends addiction, and the resilience and strength that love offers us, that is available in every day.

In gratitude,



Hello, I'm Joanne, and I understand firsthand the struggles and challenges of being a parent to an adult child battling substance use. My own journey through these trials has been both demanding and enlightening, shaping my mission to guide and support fellow parents on their path to peace and love.

I invite you to join this transformative journey with me. Let's redefine our stories, heal, and inspire the change we need. Together, we can navigate the complexities of loving a child through addiction and find the peace and love we all deserve.

Thank you for being here. Let's walk this path together, supporting one another, and discovering the boundless strength that love can offer.

With love and hope,


A Journey Through Struggles

My personal journey, like yours, has had many struggles.  I've experienced violent death of a loved one that trapped me in trauma for years, physical assaults that made me feel unsafe in the world, leading to a deep fear of more loss.  My son's addiction topped it off as the hardest of all.  I've also been given a "life sentence" diagnosed with cancer, reinforcing the absolute need to deepen my own healing journey and well-being on every level, and to step away or  hold steady with boundaries. Yes, I do believe stress causes harm, it can make you very sick in mind, body, and spirit.  I don't want that to happen to you. Whether it has or hasn't, I'm here to share with you that there's lots to do to interrupt that unnecessary outcome.  I want to save you time and effort, and surely save you from suffering in excessive stress when it can be relieved! 

In writing this, it's an invitation for you to hear my story, and to take a look at the story of your own life.  If you're not experiencing as much peace as you'd like or need, let's change that so you can be in a much better place to help your child and share the love you so desperately want to be and feel, despite and because of addiction.  I think one of  the greatest pains is to feel disconnected from the love you are and want to feel and share because it goes against the very truth of who you are.

Through the challenges, I have been blessed with invaluable lessons, lots of steps to gain crystal clear clarity that makes it so much easier to identify the available healthy choices, and to communicate with confidence and courage while striving for connection with Truth, with Life, with Joy, with Love. God is in it and through it all, inspiring it all, guiding it all.  No matter what, when not insisting on my way, my time, it's freedom to realize how life is kind, how we are supported in each day, how prayers are heard and answered.   

 A Personal Journey of  Transformation



Over my lifetime and especially in my son's addiction, I've faced moments that brought me to my knees, doubting and questioning if things would ever improve for my son and me. The pain, worry, and fear can be paralyzing, and get us stuck, stuck, stuck in fear.

On the other side of fear and worry, guilt, anger, all of the emotions we prefer not to experience but we do, we can still find peace and even happiness within the most challenging times. Facing fears and worries, caring for grief has shaped my purpose to assist others in their desire and pursuit for healing and transformation. While navigating these struggles isn't easy, they have guided me, leading me along a path of learning, growth and thriving.

Through my personal struggles and experiences, I've come to realize that our most powerful tool is love.  And there are distinct qualities of love and ways to inspire it and embody it.  However, fear often clouds our ability to express it fully. My journey has offered amazing people, methods, tools, opportunities and guts to say yes to the pain, to building resilience while transcending fear, embracing love, and discovering the power to influence change and create possibilities.  We do what we can, because we can, and I invite you to say yes to this too! 

Together on the Path to Health, Peace, and Love

There's no better wake up call then when we're brought to our knees, when the threats and risks of ours and/or our children's lives are at risk.  I got several wake up calls in a big way, during a time when it was crisis after crisis, traumatic visits with my son in all sorts of places or conditions, my whole self was overwhelmed by his problems, despite boundaries, despite skills, despite conventional support groups.  I was immersed in crisis that activated old wounds and trauma. Fear was an all too frequent visitor that crashed over me like a tsunami without enough time to get my head above water until the next wave hit.  It took some time to realize that even bigger changes and commitment to my own well-being is absolutely necessary, that I'd have to make some more difficult and healthy choices, a lifestyle of health on every level, to literally save my own life and be available for my son, if possible. Gotta admit, it takes some deliberate "work" to strike that balance. And balance is necessary!  I have a life journey, my son has one too, they are not the same, and God has us both, all of us are on our own unique and individual journeys.  I don't own my son, I'm not the ruler of the universe, and my son is not the cause of my suffering.  

What is so evident is that now is the time, and now is where our choices are made. There are fears, thoughts, images, worry, depressed states, exhaustion, so much grief, so much confusion, and it really gets in the way of learning new skills, developing peace practices that work for you, and using them when you need them most.  Fear takes over. Just try to instantly stop worrying when you're in the thick of it, can you just stop because you or someone else says snap out of it? That's the power of fear, and I'm here to say we all need ways to break through that fear so love can shine in and through us.  And we can!

Through revolutionary and thought inspiring groups and courses designed to unravel fear, worry, anger, guilt, all the emotions that we usually don't welcome, you can learn and create a safe space to embrace it all, feel it to heal it, and hear its guidance as you learn new skills to love your child through their addiction, and get your own life back too.  You can take the breakdowns and create breakthroughs.  With a wealth of resources, methods, tools, a larger family of  those who understand and walk this path, we call upon our strength and wisdom to navigate this challenging journey with more resilience and confidence. And because we can, we will!  I'd like to be a support for you so that your heart opens, so that your mind opens and to experience how love moves through you and guides your choices, even the most difficult choices. Let's do it together, finding the truths and inspiration, the elevated wisdom of shared intention.  What a blessing to share that with our children.

Love Wins Here! 

Love Wins Here!

What does that really mean?

Have you noticed how much and how often you don't get what you want when your child is struggling with addiction?  It's not about our timing, our way.  It's not about getting what we want, when we want it.  It IS about getting our hearts and minds aligned with Love:  compassion, kindness, patience, faith, trust, a love that is so pure that we try to put words to it but it's beyond words, a gratitude so deep for the beauty so abundantly provided for us, a heaven on earth that naturally lives through eternity.  And it can live through each of us.  Love wins there, even when it's rocky, even when it seems so overwhelmingly dark.  Love does not leave you!  It's got you!  It's got your child too!  It's easy to disconnect from that, and believe me when I say it's not too hard to re-connect, to be re-minded, to re-create and co-create.  Caring for your fear, as I'd love to share with you how to do it reliably and repeatedly, is the quick way to the Truth, the Truth than can set you free. When you're free, your child feels it.  That is Love!  That is Hope in Action. That wins!

My dedication lies in being a part of solutions, promoting healing, and advocating for actions that cultivate a kinder and more peaceful world, starting within ourselves.  Will you join me? 

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