Certified Family Recovery Coach
Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
​Happy For No Reason
I have learned so much through struggle and experience.  It's with gratitude that I can appreciate it for its guidance and purpose.  But, that doesn't mean it's easy when struggles hit, and hit hard.  Coming out on the other side and thriving because of the struggle is surely possible.  It is my honor to help people heal and transform their lives. 

Through my own healing and application of methods and tools that work profoundly,  I’ve learned that not knowing is often a welcomed state of possibilities, and getting into my business of what I can do rather than expecting others or the world to change.  It's my experience that The Work brings me to clarity reliably and powerfully.  That clarity shows me a kinder way to reconnect with the kindest parts of myself, and share that with the world.

I realized the power of doing The Work early on when invited to look at some really painful experiences.  I was still feeling the trauma of someone I love dying suddenly.  One day there, the next not.  It could never change that he did indeed die, and die the way he did, however, I realized he died once and I was killing him repeatedly in my mind, for years.  The pain of doing that felt as deep as the pain of his death.  I was immediately liberated to begin to distinguish between now and imagination, and my part in creating more suffering.  The healing had begun almost instantaneously.

  One of the most profound transformations for me is around my son's addiction.  I knew that I needed some deep healing and learning new approaches to show up in a way that not only helps me, but could help him too.   I've experienced pure grace in loving him without the desperate need to change him, or fix the situation.  And it has helped him and our relationship.  It is the internal transformation that meets any external condition.  The Work helps me in any conditions, meets any thoughts, any stories, any fears and shines the light of truth and love into it. 

My motto is "Love wins here!".  Here, in each moment, as best we can in us and through us. I want to be part of solutions and change, of healing and action that helps us all.  As we find deeper awareness and understanding, and develop the skills of loving through addiction, we re-connect with a kinder and more peaceful world, starting from the inside, one that can create the conditions for change.

Though it may be challenging at times, it's with understanding, education, support, and new action that greater peace and love will guide the way to turn things around.  In my experience, as I open up to the world, the world opens up for me.  As I find peace within, the world becomes a more peaceful place and relationships change.  Love is the greatest energy known to man and most powerful when put into action.  It is within us, we are love, we have that power.  

Working with Joanne has unlocked subconscious thoughts that have been creating chronic anxiety in my body for a lifetime. She was able to help me identify the thoughts that were creating the situation and then was present with me as I went into the feelings related to this. This awareness has precipitated a cascade of positive change and is pivotal in the healing process related to my physical limitations. I highly recommend her powerful presence for inquiring into thoughts that may be creating any kind of discord or anxiety in your life. The time I spent with her was completely transformational. ~ T

I love your enthusiasm, and how committed you are to other people's lives moving forward also. ~ R

Thank you for providing me an exquisite facilitation that allowed me to remove more pieces of armor and feel very safe in doing so.  I felt so held and connected by a loving guiding heart, one that knows when to nudge and when to rest quietly.  I had actually thought about not working on the topic (not really feeling sure of where I wanted/needed to go next) and you surely picked up on a belief causing me pain, which allowed me to clarify. Thank you so much, I am still wide open!  ~  N

I came to you so distraught, and our work together helped me to realize so much.  For the first time in such a long time, I felt lighter.  My daughter isn't talking with me, but I'm talking with me and feel connected to her again. Thank you so much.  This was the best money I've ever spent. ~ L

​I found Joanne's facilitation of the group gentle, direct and insightful.  She shared her feelings honestly and showed me that it is OK to look at what is really happening inside me.  I was able to experience the stillness of being without a story.  ~  C

The skill and ease with which Joanne facilitated "The Work" was beyond impressive. And, in such an inclusive manner!  ~ K

Joanne is an excellent facilitator.  Insightful, clear with calming energy.  ~ A