5 Ways Self Care is for You and Your Child

Meet the challenges with renewed energy that you can share with your dear child. 

  • Get doable strategies so that you can easily choose and apply to a busy schedule and especially when feeling overwhelmed.
  • Say goodbye to exhaustion and tap into your strength and resilience by having ideas and strategies that make sense to you. 
  • Inspire more peace in your life through self-care so that you can share a more centered and energetic you with your child.
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    Let's Heal Together with Joanne Richards

As the parent of an adult child who struggles with substance use, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and a Certified Family Recovery Coach, I've earned experience on many sides of addiction.  Self care is essential, it is necessary to meet the challenges of loving a child through their addiction, and not lose your own health and sanity.  It's easy that self-care gets put on the back burner.  Let's make it easier to fire up self-care.  You need it so that you can share it with your child too.