Is fear and worry keeping you down?  


Moms of Adult Children Struggling with Substance Use, 

Relieve your fear and worry so that your love overcomes it!

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Only when our intent comes from a place of love rather than a place of fear do we create peace in the world and in ourselves.” 

~ Don Miguel Ruiz


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 Are you a family member of an adult child who struggles with substance use?  Got fear?  

You can overcome it!

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Only when our intent comes from a place of love rather than a place of fear do we create peace in the world and in ourselves.” 

~ Don Miguel Ruiz


You don't have to remain stuck in fear, worry, guilt, anger, none of it.  When you don't know how to break free of it, there is even more pain upon pain.  The deeper pain is believing you are separate from your own child, that they are lost, that you are powerless and there's nothing you can do.  Not true!  You are a hero and you are the light in this darkness.  It is all shadowed by fear.  And until you resolve those fears, your love can not be shared with the power available to heal you and your relationship with your dear child.  It is no wonder there is so much pain!

 If you’re like me, you worry.  Of course you have fears.  And sometimes it feels very  overwhelming.  It comes with the territory when your child struggles with substance use, when the addiction wreaks havoc in the whole family, when you see your own child deteriorating.  Fear and worry can come frequently, in strong waves.  It can feel like it's taking you under and you can't get enough air to get your head above water and through another day. 

You can relieve these worries and fears so that your love speaks and acts, so that your love is the light that shines into the dark places.  You can learn how to do all of that with skill, with confidence, trusting your own wisdom to find what is right for you in your heart in your own circumstances.

I can't do this anymore.

This is killing me.

I can't help anymore.

I wish.

They should.

It shouldn't be like this.

Hundreds of thoughts.  Thousand of hours lost in worry and pain.

When in fear, we’re not connecting with the energy and focus needed to learn and practice the tools and methods available and that contribute to the kind of help that helps our children when they struggle, especially when they struggle. We have got to relieve our own struggles first to be at our most powerful in order to influence change.


Together we empower love and inspire healing,  change, and possibility!


When fear is held in the light of understanding and love, it can actually guide you to realize how you can show up, and gives you the clarity of choosing what you can and want to do.  This is the unconditional love we want to give.  This is when you know you're showing up at your most powerful even through the struggles.  That means less regret, less guilt, and more compassion, more kindness, more peace, more effective action.

We need each other, we need to find our truth that lies in and around fear, we need to be supported, we need each other for encouragement, we need to celebrate life and love.

Together, let's empower love and inspire change and possibility!

We can!  And so we will!  

Love wins here! 

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Where Love and Skills Meet to Create Hope and Possibility 

  • Create a safe space where your thoughts and emotions can be held with care 
  • Identify the cause of suffering to heal it
  • Learn a variety of ways to create your own path to peace
  • Give up letting go so you can embrace the hard conditions and connect with solutions instead, regain your sense of what you can do
  • Discover a way to relieve worry and fear anywhere, anytime
  • Bonus:  Guided Peace Meditation
  • Bonus:  Worksheet to continue Peace Work on your own
  • Bonus:  Extra two group sessions to review progress and enhance life application
  • Bonus:  Harm Reduction guidance to navigate the hard and still be helpful



Too late - it's right on time because if I do nothing then nothing changes and this isn't good enough and feels awful!  
Won't work -  It will work!  If I think and do what?  
I can't -  I can! How can that be true? 

Worry to Warrior


Peace is the way where Love shows up, in you and from you!  This skill building support group is for you. Here you find a safe place to relieve worryguilt, distress, anger, etc., do some healing, and re-set your focus and direction – the direction of your heart, open and available to loving your child, yourself

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What Other Parents Are Saying

"I learned so many new strategies for communication that will help me not just with my daughter but with everyone around me. How to stay out of the fear and be in the present. Gifts of self-care. Compassion for my daughter and my family. Truly a shift in thinking and reacting."

- K from California

"Your guidance restores my hope that anything is possible."

- N from Virginia

"It's really helping me to connect with my son, see how beautiful he is, and relieve my worrying. I'm not as angry anymore, I'm accepting him more, and feel less tension between us."

- R from Florida

Hello fellow parent


As a Certified Family Recovery Coach and mother of a child who struggles with substance use, I've needed ways that work to save not only myself, but the relationship with my son too.

It's made me passionate and committed to share how parents can create conditions that inspire change. There are multiple ways to empower your love with skills and learn what you can do as a parent, especially when you're told there's nothing you can do. That's not true. There's actually a whole lot you can do.

I help parents relieve their fear and worry so they can find peace, get their lives back, and know what will be most supportive for their child, and themselves.  When it makes sense to you, new ways of being and doing become more familiar to you. When you heal the overwhelming worry and fear, you can better apply tools and methods that are proven to make a difference.

The methods I share are based in science and kindness, and they work. I trust they can work for you too.

Joanne Richards
Certified Family Recovery Coach
Certified Facilitator of The Work
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Let's Figure It Out Together.
We Can and So We Will!

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