Worry Less, Help Your Child More

"How To Find Peace When You Worry" is a FREE guide that can show you how to:

  • Get a way to quickly shift out of fear so you can stop imagining the worst, get back to sleep, resume your activities, and love your child with a restored sense of peace.
  • Discover three powerful steps to relieve your worry so you can move forward with more clarity in order to identify the choices that feel right for you as you help your child.
  • Learn quick tips to use anytime to become more present in your life and relationships so that you can be ok when things are not ok and create conditions that inspire change.   
Your Guide to Peace is Here

Let's Heal Together. Hi, I'm Joanne Richards.

As the parent of an adult child who struggles with substance use, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Certified Family Recovery Coach trained in The Invitation to Change and Ambiguous Loss and Grief, it gives me broad perspective and experience. I've needed, and still do need, the tools I share with you to restore inner peace so that I'm in a far better place to help my son. This is not the path we chose, and we're on it.  We need peace to walk it.  I trust the tools and methods I share and trust they can work for you too. As you find your own peace and learn useful skills, it can and will transfer to your dear child as you love them through their addiction.