When Your Child Struggles with Substance Use

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  • Relieve the stress and desperation when your child isn't changing.
  • Break through the overwhelm and temptation to fix and control.
  • Identify where your attention and effort can be most effective
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What Other Parents Are Saying

"I learned so many new strategies for communication that will help me not just with my daughter but with everyone around me. How to stay out of the fear and be in the present. Gifts of self-care. Compassion for my daughter and my family. Truly a shift in thinking and reacting."

- K from California

"Your guidance restores my hope that anything is possible."

- N from Virginia

"It's really helping me to connect with my son, see how beautiful he is, and relieve my worrying. I'm not as angry anymore, I'm accepting him more, and feel less tension between us."

- R from Florida


Hello fellow parent

As a Certified Family Recovery Coach and mother of a child who struggles with substance use, I've needed ways that work to save myself and the relationship with my son.

It's made me passionate and committed to share how parents can create conditions that inspire change. There are multiple ways to empower your love with skills and learn what you can do as a parent, especially when you're told there's nothing you can do. That's not true. There's actually much you can do.

I help parents find peace and learn how to best support themselves and their children. When it makes sense to you, new ways of being and doing become more familiar to you. When you heal the overwhelming worry and fear, you can better apply tools and methods that are proven to make a difference.

The methods I share are based in science and kindness, and they work. I trust they can work for you too.

Joanne Richards
Certified Family Recovery Coach
Certified Facilitator of The Work
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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