Hello Friend,  


Welcome to The Love Wins Here! movement.  We are family members of loved ones struggling with substance use; and we're creating more peace, more love, breaking through our fears, and we're learning tools and skills so that we can better inspire change and healing. 

It only takes one to begin and continue this kind of inspired change.  Congratulations for being that one!

 I acknowledge your fierce courage and strength, your resilience, your perseverance, the power of your love and your choice to grow, to learn, and to contribute to possibilities!  Because we can, we will ... Love wins here! 

In gratitude,


PS. One more thing, make sure to add my e-mail addresses to your contact list so you don't miss getting your guide and future helpful inspiration - joanne(at)joannerichards.life and joannerichards3(at)outlook.com.

Please send me any questions or comments whenever you'd like.