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Relieve Your Worry. Restore Your Peace.

Break Through Fear. Empower Your Love. 


No one does the hard stuff alone, at least not very well.  Healing Hearts is a compassionate community for mothers of children who struggle with addiction to have a healing place to grieve and take care of the worry, guilt, and regrets, the big emotions.  With that healing, you can learn and practice tools and methods to restore inner peace and love your child with essential skills that can create conditions to inspire change, re-connection, and improved communication. Joanne Richards guides and supports you through the hard stuff with expert coaching, meaningful discussion, and activities within a safe, supportive, and understanding community of other moms loving a child who struggles with substance use or addiction.  We share an intention to actively love our children through their addiction.  

Because loving a child through their addiction comes with worry, guilt, anger, confusion, grief, confusion and crises, it can feel isolating and overwhelming. Healing Hearts provides the power of group energy with a community of moms interested in peace and helping their child, along with a focus on your own healing, stress management, and learning skills to meet your child where they're at, as they are (yourself too!).    

* Transform your worry to peace
* Resolve your anger 
* Let go of guilt 
* Honor your own grief 
* Get unstuck
* Create a path forward that honors your child, life, and love
* Get support when and where you need it


"The worry and grief can be exhausting. But it doesn’t have to consume your days. With the right tools, techniques, and a holistic body, mind, and spirit approach you can find more peace in your own life so that you can  share it with your child too." – Joanne


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Tough emotions can be transformative and guide you when met with understanding and support. Healing Hearts is not just about coping with grief; it’s about finding ways to transform stress and pain into a powerful experience of healing and connection. This program offers a compassionate space to address the grief and difficult emotions that comes with loving a child struggling with addiction.

"Grief is exhausting. There’s many layers to it and for very good reason. But it doesn’t have to consume your days. With the right tools, techniques, and a holistic approach you can find more peace in your own life and share that with your child." – Joanne

You Matter!


Healing is a journey, there is no time limit to how long your healing may take, and it may be the rest of your life as it co-exists with the whole spectrum of human emotions from joy to despair.  No one could guarantee that you'll never worry again.  You probably will and with very good reason.  That's why Healing Hearts provides a place that allows you to transform your stress and restore your peace and clarity on what you can do, what next  steps make sense for you in your unique circumstances.  In Healing Hearts you have the time, attention, and care so you can continue on your own healing path supporting you and your life, and be in a much better place to support your child. 

Healing Hearts gives you one place to heal, to get support, and to learn skills to meet the many needs of loving a child through their addiction.  In the community, you will have the uplifting and strengthening power of a group to practice with like minded people the various tools and methods you can use to restore your peace when you need it the most. In a community with other parents who understand and share your loving intention, you can care for you grief and big emotions like worry, guilt, and anger, the emotions you may not want to feel but you do, and the emotions that naturally arise during the tough times of loving a child struggling with addiction.  Isn't that why peace, love, kindness, and skills are so much more important? 

We must have reliable ways to make it through the tough times so we aren't unconsciously making them even tougher only because we just didn't know how to do it differently.  Healing Hearts gives you ways to tap into and trust your inner guidance to make it through the tough times and let love guide your choices, and your ability to use new and essential skills of loving a child through their addiction.   

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The Healing Path with Joanne

Facilitated by Joanne Richards, a Certified Family Recovery Coach, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Certified Grief Educator and Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, with Certification in The Invitation to Change, she integrates her 20 plus years of personal and professional experience including her experience as mom of a child who struggles with addiction and its complications. Joanne shares the most effective and powerful tools and methods that she's learned and practiced on her own personal healing journey to support others on their own paths. Joanne’s approach is deeply grounded in a foundation of compassion, empathy, faith, and practical, evidence-based strategies that promote healing and self-empowerment.

"There is no greater love than between a mother and child; but when your child struggles with substance use, that love can get shadowed by fear, confusion, and pain. The grief:  including worry, guilt, resentments and so many big emotions, can be overwhelming. That’s why it needs specialized care. When you relieve your fears and worries, you clear the path to develop other approaches and skills to fulfill your greatest purpose - to be love and to show up as love - connected, calm, more confident, and communicating the love you so want to share with your child. " – Joanne

Care for your Grief, Worry, Guilt, Anger ...

Have your experience and struggles seen and heard, supported by those who understand

  • Re-connect with your self

  • Raise your energy

  • Choose life and love over fear and worry

  • Release the burden of guilt

  • Honor your child's story beyond the addiction

  • Forgive and heal to rebuild stronger connection

  • Be free of anger and renew your hope

  • Integrate the pain and co-create purpose from it

  • Relieve your worry and restore your peace
  • Build your resilience

  • Find meaning beyond the grief

  • Create a new story with more peace, love and joy 

Experience a unique combination of compassionate support and effective tools designed to restore balance and strengthen your spirit.

  • Interactive Monthly Live Sessions: Engage directly with Joanne to learn, share, and grow together.
  • Supportive Community Access: Connect with a network of other moms who share similar experiences, providing mutual support, and understanding.
  • Tools and Techniques: Learn and practice restorative peace techniques along with with powerful immersion healing sessions, gaining access to a variety of resources designed to care for your grief and tough emotions and renew your peace and balance.
  • Transform Pain Into Empowerment: Learn how to turn your emotional turmoil into a source of strength  for both you and your child.
  • Master Emotional Resilience: Acquire skills to navigate and embrace your feelings and convert them into positive, impactful actions.
  • Renew Purpose and Energy: Rediscover the natural power of your love, engaging in practices that foster clarity and peace.

Are you ready to reclaim your peace and nurture your spirit? Enroll in Healing Hearts today and start benefiting from interactive live sessions, a supportive community, and a collection of effective tools tailored for your healing and that hold all parts of you and your experiences. Don’t put off what is so critical for your peace and to share it with your child. Take the first step towards a renewed spirit now!

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If you're like thousands of other moms, I bet you can sometimes feel stuck in worry, guilt, anger and grief when you don't know how or where your child is.  Do you worry if any day could be "the" day, feel distraught when you see them alive but disappearing before your eyes, or don't see them at all?   I've said yes to all those questions.  It's agony. It's an experience that shatters life as you knew it and want it.

Let's not forget these thoughts:  "I can't do this anymore."  "Nothing is working."  "I'm losing them."  "I'm just waiting for the call."

This is why Healing Hearts is for you. This is the call like no other call, a call for you to not just cope and talk about the latest crisis and worry, and stay worried.  It's a call to build resilience and empower your love when you know how to transform the worries into clarity, the grief into compassionate caring for all parts of you and not trying to avoid or hide it, to move from anger into forgiveness, and guilt into personal freedom. We connect with your soul's wisdom of what you need when you re-member and re-connect with what is true for you using methods that get you there.

Healing Hearts is calling you to say yes and give you as many tools as possible so you know how to care for your worry, guilt, anger, all the big and difficult emotions that are hard to feel, so that you can experience deep relief, learn stress management strategies that work, and also learn new skills that are essential to loving and caring for your child through their addiction.

When you give it to you, you give it to your child too.  Your energy and tone, your whole being changes.  It's the kind of change you need, and they need it too. It starts with one.  Tag, you're it.  Love Wins Here! 


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That's why I created the Healing Hearts community ~ a safe, empathetic, no judgment, compassionate, and supportive space where you can be seen, heard, understood, supported, learn, heal, get inspired, and  grow.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • How to identify and release the fears that are holding you back
  • How to empower your love and compassion for your child
  • Essential skills to support your child effectively

Empowering Transformation: Confidence in Every Step

Discover Your Potential

Healing Hearts is a commitment to your personal growth and healing. Rooted in proven strategies and compassionate support, we guide you through every step of your journey toward recovery and resilience.

Built on Trust and Expertise:

Led by Joanne Richards, a licensed professional with over 15 years of experience, Healing Hearts is crafted from the ground up to offer not just support, but transformation. We integrate the latest in therapeutic practices with real-world applications to ensure that every participant gains the most from their investment.

A Promise of Excellence:

Our program's structure is designed to foster lasting change, providing you with the tools and insights necessary to navigate life’s challenges. We’re so confident in the effectiveness of our approach that we stand firmly behind the quality and potential of our offerings.

Join a Community of Success:

While we may not showcase traditional testimonials, every element of Healing Hearts is backed by the success stories of those who have embraced the journey and found profound fulfillment and peace.

Start your journey towards healing and empowerment today.

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We are confident in the transformative power of this community. If you don't find value, we offer a full refund if you think it does not serve you. 

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Join today to secure this exclusive founders rate. Your monthly investment will never increase and you'll be part of creating content and community to meet not just your needs, but for more mothers for us to shine our love into the world for each of our children. You're invited to be part of creating a movement of love, possibility, and healing.  Let's change the world together!  

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Don’t miss out on this special and time limited rate! When you join, you build something that not only helps you and your child, but helps even more families and more children as we keep trying to do all we can to turn the tides from more loss to more life and love.  You'll be creating a healing path for you, your child, and everyone else that joins Healing Hearts.  Imagine more and more moms feeling a greater sense of peace and strength,  advocating in peace, with clarity and empowered not by fear but by the power of their love.  Yes to that!  Let's do this together!  

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This investment covers all aspects of the program—no hidden fees. You get full access to everything we offer, ensuring that you can focus fully on your growth without worrying about cost.

  • Gain access to all scheduled live and interactive sessions, interactive workshops, and a library of resources with multiple options to attend as many sessions as you’d like.. (Valued at $500)
  • Personalized support from Joanne Richards, a Certified Family Recovery Coach, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Grief Educator, and Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie with Certification in The Invitation to Change (Valued at $300)
  • 24/7 access to a private, supportive community of peers. (Valued at $200)
  • Participate in live weekly educational sessions to learn and practice The Invitation to Change approach to loving a child struggling with substance use, an approach based in science and kindness deep-dive sessions focusing on advanced coping strategies and personal empowerment. (Valued at $250)
  • Regular updates with new tools, videos, and articles to enhance your journey. (Valued at $150)
  • Special Bonuses: Quarterly deep-dive sessions focusing on advanced coping strategies to enhance your healing and your loving Access to exclusive guest lectures and special events. (Valued at $1000)

Total Value: $2,500

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What Other Parents Are Saying...

"Joanne Richards to me is an earth angel. She is ever wise, considerate, kind, generous, loves unconditionally with no judgment, and she looks into my soul through my eyes and sees the real me despite her own struggles in life."

– PB

"Joanne Richards - loving you so sweetest mama. And thank YOU for the big part you play in my life- you have been a mentor helping us all find our way back to love."

– KC

"It was your group and your words that taught me how to love my child through her addiction. Your words helped me help her realize her strength and worth. I thank you every day for her life and mine."


"So good to hear your son and you are getting much needed time to love on each other! You helped me learn how to communicate with my son and I’m forever grateful. He has been in recovery and is living on his own & working. I’m still working on my own self and our relationship is better than ever. The bonus is he calls me almost every day, love wins!"

– PB

Healing Hearts FAQs 

Find Answers to Your Questions About Our Community for Parents of Children Struggling with Substance Use and Addiction.

Remember that your journey towards healing and tapping into the real power of your love is an ongoing walk

Healing Hearts is uniquely equipped to guide you through the complexities of all your tough emotions and grieve well with our inclusive support system, expert-led sessions, and a nurturing community.


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This is not therapy or group therapy. No online discussion should be used to replace professional help if that is needed.

A member may cancel at any time or be asked to leave by a moderator.

No one is turned away for lack of funds.

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